Friday, October 07, 2005

Aurora Goes Wild: Caught on Tape!

I was checking out these web cams that are linked to our transportation system, and I caught a picture of the Aurora through the clouds last night. This may seem a little, well, boring to you, but I think it's pretty cool because I didn't even know the Aurora was out last night. Plus, to catch it on the transportation web cam is pretty unusual, because A) they only take images from every 1 to 6 hours, B) they usually point at the road so you can't see the sky and C) there's usually a lot of light pollution, so you wouldn't be able to see it. Here's the pic:

That bright loop is the Aurora--it is one of the "curtain" formations. Here's a photo from the same web-cam during the day, just to compare:

The Aurora in the previous picture is located right about where the cloud is.

Those web cams are pretty interesting to check out on a good weather day. One time I saw a car wreck. It was one of the web cams in town, which I think take pictures more frequently. Anyway, because they don't take constant video, it was like a stop-motion film: first, two cars entered the intersection. Then, one appeared knocked out of the lane, while the other was on the grass and there was a bunch of plastic and junk in the intersection. In the final image, a policeman was standing in the intersection directing traffic while the two drivers stood talking to another policeman. The whole thing was a little surreal, like a living cartoon or something. Someday if I'm bored, I should go out to one of those webcams and put up a funny sign or something, just to give the weather people some entertainment.

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