Monday, September 19, 2005

Guaranteed 2 dress sizes smaller in three days! Ha ha!

Yeah, so we didn't do the Crow Pass hike this weekend. After I spent my Friday laying around moaning and throwing up intermittently, E decided he didn't want to run the risk of coming down with The Black Plague at mile 13. It was good we didn't go, because I didn't really feel all that great all the way through yesterday. Of course, E never caught it, which made me feel guilty because we basically had to cancel our plans because I have no immune system.

The good side is: I lost 3 pounds! Woo hoo! We were joking yesterday that we should start marketing it as a diet. Lose weight! Drop inches off your waist! But wait, there's more: call now and you get the first infection FREE! Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it though.


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