Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I haven't posted in several days for a couple reasons: 1) I had some personal issues that I really didn't want to put in here and 2) I was busy with the new forecasting position, trying to get a hang of it.

So, I've almost completed a whole set of shifts by myself on the forecast desk. And so far, it's gone pretty well. I can't say that I feel uber-confident yet, but I guess that will come in time. Yesterday I even got a chance to go take a little walk outside. It was a nice break. I walked out to our front flower beds, where our head Facilities Manager has planted some gorgeous flowers. He has all these tall sunflowers, some sweet peas, poppies, and dahlias. I wish I could get my flowers to grow like that.

Another guy at my work gave me 4 sunflower plants in May. I planted them in my side flower bed. One died right away. Another was killed by the cat next door when he used the flower bed as a litter box. The other two I've been nursing this entire time, hoping I'll get flowers. Well, they are just starting to show buds. The buds are tiny though, not anywhere near the size of the buds on the sunflowers outside my office. We only have a few weeks until fall, and I'm worried these sunflowers won't bloom before the frost nips them. I'm going to be really disappointed if they don't.

Tonight I'm taking a kayaking class on Elmendorf AFB. I promised E I would take this class before we go kayaking, but I don't want to go. I'm always tired after work, and this is going to make me get home late. I would rather go home and watch t.v. or play computer games.

Oh well, it will probably end up being fun.

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