Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Aurora Borealis

Well, this is a red letter day, or night, I guess I should say. On the way up to the balloon building, I saw that the Aurora Borealis was out. This is the first time for the season--up until now, it's been too light at night to see anything. Also, the Aurora is more active around the equinoxes, so we are rapidly approaching aurora season.

It wasn't multicolored, but it was fairly bright (after all, I could see it in town), and it was pretty active--flashing and swirling and jumping from one side of the sky to the other. So all in all, a pretty good show for an August night.

It seems kind of funny, that I should see all these things on the last night shift where I actually have to go out and launch the balloon. It's almost serving as a reminder of all the cool things about being an intern/Met Tech: I get to go outside 2x per day, so there are any number of things I can see out there. Plus, it's so nice to get outside and just enjoy the sunshine (or even rain or snow as the case may be). I'll have to remember this and make a consious effort to take an outdoor break once or twice a shift once I get to be a forecaster.

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