Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Learn Something New Each Day

This fall, I enrolled in a watercolor class, in the interest of expanding my creativity. I don't often feel like I'm creative at work, and at home, I don't have one particular hobby, so I've been kind of searching for something that I can practice and enjoy.

Originally, I wanted to take a drawing class, but that conflicted with something else I wanted to do, so I signed up for Watercolor 1, thinking I would give it a try. It was a fortuitous change, because I'm really enjoying it. I like learning about color theory, and everything is new to me. The first week I came home and did a color study which impressed everyone (except, perhaps, my teacher):

Then I made a second one, to which Ethan responded "Hmm!"

By my third color study, Ethan's comments had been reduced to "Mmm."

For my second class, I learned some techniques, and actually produced a scenery painting:

I'm not going to pretend I'm going to be the next artistic genius around here. I'm not even going to pretend I'll ever be good enough to display my paintings at home. After all, I created this one by explicitly following my instructor. That's okay, my paintings are really for me (I hesitated to put them here, but pictures are more popular than words). But I'm learning some techniques that hopefully I can apply to future paintings, and I'm really enjoying myself. So I've already achieved my goal!


Anonymous said...

Well-- I am learning from your learning! How in the world did you paint the scenery study with so little instruction or practice? That looks great! Surely it is a paint by numbers type of thing. -D

Kate Not Katy said...

I think your scenery study is great! I'm glad to hear that you're taking a class that is pushing your boundaries a little bit. I'd love to take a watercolor class, but my local adult ed doesn't have one.

L said...

Kate, I'm taking this class through our local art supply store. You might give that a try. I know Michael's hosts classes too, although the classes at our Michaels tend to be beading or scrapbooking, not painting.

Dad, it's not paint by numbers, but it is pretty prescriptive. He had us all draw the same scene, and use specific techniques on the various parts. He also showed us which colors he was using. In spite of all that, every person's painting was different. So that was pretty cool.

Andria Crowjoy said...

Hi hi! I feel like I've totally lost track of you, you're home! And not only are you home but we've taken up the same new hobby! Don't be surprised if I start sending you emails with watercolor blather!

I'm not taking a class, just trying to paint every day. Have you used frisket yet??

L said...

Painting every day! I'm lucky if I get two paintings in a week (outside of class)! I'd love to get e-mails about watercolor blather from you. I had to look up what frisket is -- I think it's what my teacher calls masking fluid, maybe? But no, I haven't gotten that far. We learned about using negative space two classes ago, so I'm practicing that. I want to take the second class in the series, but I've been pretty busy, so I thought I might wait. But I haven't decided yet.

Andria Crowjoy said...

Masking fluid, right! It's interesting but feels like a crutch. It also insists on drying before you can do anything, which is annoying! I've been spending more time on the drawing before painting and I think it's improving.