Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pictureless Update

Well, I bought a new camera cord, but it doesn't seem to be working. Either that, or the camera is broken. I'm a bit frustrated, because I wanted to download some pictures. I guess that won't be happening for a little while.

In the interest of keeping you up to date, here's what happened since my last post:

1. I went to Florida, where I saw my parents and my sister and her family, and we attended the memorial service of my great-aunt. The highlight of the memorial service was that the funeral parlor included what can only be termed as The Funeral Walk of Fame. It had pictures of the funerals/obituaries of Elvis, Babe Ruth, Princess Di, Jim Hensen, the Pope (not sure which one) and Mr. Rogers. It was very odd, and slightly depressing.

Otherwise in Florida: I saw an armadillo, 3 manatees, went kayaking, went tubing down a river, ate a delicious Cuban sandwich, experienced at least 2 severe thunderstorms, and saw my 1 year old nephew for the first time.

2. I went to Virginia, where I saw my aunt, 2 uncles and a cousin, reconnected with 2 friends from high school, and drove down to Roanoke to visit my grandma. I also experienced another severe thunderstorm, went swimming, and got called a crybaby by my grandma. This happened when I teared up when she asked me if I remembered my grandpa, who died while I was in Sydney. She certainly has gotten less sympathetic in her old age!

3. I started my new job. I managed to show up late for a meeting on the very first day (okay, it's an informal weekly thing, but still) and have been in meetings ever since. My coworkers are super excited to have me on board because they can finally hand everything off because of my expertise and witty personality, so they've been really friendly. It's a great crew of people and I think it will be fun working together, so that's good.

4. We have been looking for a house to buy. I feel like I should be more excited about this than I am. Don't get me wrong, I really want to own my own home! But I don't really like the searching process, and every time someone says "Isn't looking for houses FUN?!?!" I kind of want to punch them in the face. The good news is, there's a lot on the market and it's pretty reasonable. However, I'm still waiting for that moment where we walk in the door, angels start singing, and I clasp my hands over my heart and say "Oh honey, it's PERFECT!" People keep telling me it will happen, but frankly, I don't think it will. The real world is not a goddamn realtor commercial. I think we'll keep looking for a little while longer and finally just pick the one that seems to be the best option.

That's probably enough pictureless updating for now. I'm not going to make any false promises about photos, because I don't really know when I'll get the camera situation fixed. I do have an iPhone now, so if I can work out how to post from my phone, you might get some photos. However, since this phone was Designed By Geniuses, For Geniuses, at this point it seems unlikely (also, I cannot download apps because it's a work phone. Don't ask).

And now, I'm off to go hiking while it's still summer.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the job is going well. Wondered how you would make the transition to a very different type of job.


robot pixie said...

The advice that I got from my aunt when condo shopping was, "Don't fall in love with a place." If the angels start singing, you're more likely to get screwed on the price because you want it so much. If you decide to just go with the best option, you can bargain much harder because you can walk away without tears. A great bargain will make those angels sing a lot sweeter.

Anonymous said...

robot pixie is absolutely correct! Besides, you'll want some money to decorate, enjoy life, vacation,etc. NEVER good to be married to a mortgage. One other caveat - don't buy with the idea that in a few years you can "trade up." We did that in VA and it was 32 years before we moved.

craftosaurus said...

Agreed -- the sweet spot is to be excited about a house but not in LOVE with it, so you can make rational decisions. Fingers crossed that you find that!

L said...

Thanks, ladies. That advice actually made me feel a lot better that we haven't found The One yet. Hopefully we'll find something that will do soon enough.

Dad, I think I'll learn a lot in this job about the way the weather service works. I'm looking forward to the experience.