Monday, January 10, 2011

Stew Brews again and again

Back by popular demand (as in one reader request), I will fill you in on our homebrewing efforts.

Our stout.

The homebrewing has been surprisingly and exceptionally successful. I think it helps when you have an unemployed husband who is bored with daily doggie care to do all the research and brewing. I have had to do very little, except provide my expert tasting opinion and fill the beer bottles with new batches.

At the suggestion of my uncle, a well-known (well, at least in our family) and formidable homebrewer, my mom purchased this book for our birthdays. Let me tell you, Uncle Carl was right on the money because this book ROCKS! It’s easy to follow, but applicable for everyone, beginners or advanced brewers, and my personal favorite advantage, constantly advises you to “Relax. Don’t worry. Have a homebrew!” We have now made several recipes from the book, but more importantly, Ethan has learned so much about the brewing process and is able to make simple substitutions—for example, when the hops called for in the recipe are not available.
Ethan relaxing and having a homebrew.

Anyway, onto the beers because I know that’s what you want to hear about. After our first brew, we made an Aussie-style old, which was all right (that did not come out of the book). Our Canadian friend said it tasted like a “watered-down rum and coke” which was a little harsh, but not entirely off the mark. I think he was tasting the caramel flavors in the beer. Then we moved onto a stout, which has disappeared very rapidly, and a hefeweizen/white beer, which is light and drinkable and reminds me slightly of Paulaner. Our next batch that’s carbonating is a porter, which should be rich and flavorful, but a bit less bitter than the stout.

You may notice we tend towards darker beers, because that’s what we like the most. Darker beers aren’t as widespread here in Oz, and you have to pay a fortune for them, which is why we started homebrewing in the first place. I have been very happily surprised with our success. In fact, some part of me fantasizes about quitting my job as well and running a brewing company…okay, maybe not with our lack of work ethic. No reason to make a fun hobby into a chore.

We’re still hoping to have a party and share some of our homebrew with our friends in the near future. But we, uh, have to quit drinking it all first.


Anonymous said...

Eagerly anticipating a tasting session with a lot of variety. Sounds good - love stout and porter particularly (hint)!


crash6767 said...

its 11am, I'm at work and you're making me thirsty.

L said...

Mom, we will keep that in mind for when you arrive!

Crash, you should take a long lunch break. ;)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work and keep making those dark beers! sit Ethan at the keyboard, would be interested in hearing what he has to say about this experience.

Uncle Carl

craftosaurus said...

Mmmm, stout....

I could have written so much of your post! The not helping too much except for tasting and bottling, the needing to reign in the personal consupmtion so as to have enough left to share, even the not-currently-employed, primary-dog-parent husband! :)

You've reminded me that I need to write up a post about our latest batch, too....

L said...

Uncle Carl, I will ask Ethan to do a guest post on the blog.

Craftosaurus, those dogs need a lot of minding, huh? ;)