Saturday, July 31, 2010

Before I Sputter Out

I just found out that one of my favorite bands, The Eels, are playing in Sydney on August 14. I'm pretty excited because like I said, The Eels are one of my favorite bands. One of the things I was really looking forward to about moving to a big city is getting the chance to go to concerts that I really like. In Anchorage, if we got a big name band, it was usually either someone I wasn't too interested in (like a country music singer) or it was someone who had seen better days, like War. Not that I would really consider The Eels a big name band. I mean, it's not like U2. They're more on the level of Cake, I would think (who did come to Anchorage and absolutely rocked). Anyway, I'm pretty excited to see this band.

A little bit about The Eels that anybody would find interesting, I think: so the band is pretty much just one guy, E, who just happened to be the son of a famous physicist, Hugh Everett III. Of course, you're thinking "Who?" But Hugh Everett was the main guy who developed the many-worlds theory of quantum physics: in other worlds, the whole idea that at any moment, there are multiple universes being created based on different outcomes of your actions. If you've ever seen the movie Sliding Doors, that's what it's about. Hugh Everett's ideas were not accepted by the physics community for many years, and he struggled with depression and feelings of inadequacy all of his life. BBC did a documentary called "Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives", which I saw on PBS. Before that, I had no idea that the frontman of The Eels was related to a famous physicist.

Back to the band: E has been influenced by a lot of negative things in his life, so the music can be pretty dark sometimes. I really like it though. You might have heard their music in the Shrek movies, if you have seen them. Here are a few YouTube videos of their songs (I recommend listening to the music without the videos, personally):

Goddamn right, it's a beautiful day.

One of the darker songs, but I really like it, just the same.

I think this is probably the first song that really made it big in the U.S. I posted it because it's one of the few Eels songs that people might recognize.


craftosaurus said...

Oh, THAT'S who sings that! Good to know.

Vanessa said...

hmm...comment button is now available...see my comment on your previous post :)

L said...

Not sure why the comment button was acting flakey, but I did read your comment and will reply here since it seems most relevant.

I am pretty excited about the show. I think Ethan is a little jealous that he won't be here. Hopefully he will get to see some other cool shows in the 2 years we're here. In the meantime, my coworker is coming with me. She remembers the "birds" song and liked it but isn't a huge fan or anything...we'll see how she likes the show. :)