Monday, April 06, 2009

The Benefits of an Overly Educated Family

Well, I talked to my parents (both of whom have graduate degrees), and they were able to make me feel a little bit better, through reassurance and suggestions. Ethan has been very supportive, but he's not able to be quite as helpful because 1) he's never been through the process himself and 2) his career experience is a little bit different. My dad actually has a PhD in Geography, which you may think has nothing to do with meteorology, but the two are actually very closely related. Specifically, geography deals a lot with spatial data (think GIS), similar to meteorology. So Dad was able to understand when I was complaining about the fact that my advisor/college peers are engineers, who work more with closed systems.

Dad gave me a couple of suggestions for books and people to talk to for help, which was useful, especially since there is a language and science barrier between me and my advisor. Also, they both were reassuring in that I have an early start on my project (it's due in Dec), so I have a lot of time to work through these issues.

I'm still nervous, which my parents assured me will continue throughout this process, but they were encouraging, so I feel a little better.

And when I told Ethan that I felt like there was a distince possibility this project might not go through and I would have to quit my Master's program, he said that was okay. So I do not feel like such a loser for having difficulties.


henna73 said...

I have complete faith in you that this will work!

Alpha Monkey said...

I'd forgotten how stressful school can be. You're one of the smartest people I know, so I'm sure you'll be ok. By the way, I love your new blog header photo!

L said...

Thanks, guys! It is always nice to hear other people have faith in you.

I took that picture in Dutch Harbor -- I have some more I need to post too.