Monday, February 09, 2009

Look who came to our house!

This is Fievel, our new Toy Fox Terrier. He is about 6 years old, playful yet cuddly. We started our trial adoption on Sunday.

Fievel doesn't know what the camera is all about.

He likes to play with his purple bear.

The lady from Kitty and K9 Connection finally got together with us and brought 2 dogs for us to see: Fievel (obviously) and another dog Rok. Rok was supposed to be calm; in fact, I thought he was going to be calmer than Fievel. But when he arrived, he was pinging off the walls. Now admittedly, both dogs were excited to be somewhere new. But Rok was crazy, and I knew that even if he calmed down with us, he was going to get excited like that again. Fievel was much more manageable.

So far, we've had him for a day and a half. He goes to the bathroom outside, and is pretty chill. We are still working on obedience, though. He does not always come when he is called, and he does not know how to sit. I practiced with him today, but it is going to take a while, I think. We also went for a walk and he really went crazy with barking when he saw another dog. So I've got to figure out how to nip that in the bud.

Stop taking pictures and play with me!

We have 2 weeks for a trial adoption, so I guess if he doesn't work out, we could give him back. So far everything seems good though. I like him. He's cute.


Anonymous said...

Aww, he's cute. I think basic obedience class should be required for all dogs! I am sure he will learn in time. Congrats!

Alpha Monkey said...

He's so cute! It's nice that he's already housebroken. I'm really happy for you guys!

L said...

Thanks guys! The obedience will take a while, but I'm going to be diligent. Last night I was working on homework and he just hung out with me in the den. It was nice to have a pet hanging around again.