Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fanfare please!

Today was a big day in our house -- we got our new dishwasher! (Don't you wish you were living my life of excitement and adventure?) Our dishwasher has been out for 3 weeks. You might be thinking, well, jeez, how many dishes could 2 people possibly dirty up? Let me tell you, the answer is A LOT. I was having to wash dishes twice a day sometimes so that I could get to the sink/kitchen counter.

Anyway, our new dishwasher is great. It's stainless steel, it has a feature where you can turn off the heat dryer, and most importantly, it works! I can't wait to wash some dishes in it (the plumber already ran it through a test run).

So that's it for news. Now I will leave you with some nice winter pictures. These were taken back in December, close to Christmas. I'm thinking that they were probably taken about 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon, to give you an idea of what the light is like then.

Trees covered in hoar frost.

A winter picture of the Turnagain Arm.

Our bird feeder, covered in snow. You can see the hoar frost coating the clothesline.

A frozen waterfall along the Turnagain Arm.

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Lisa said...

I TOTALLY understand! Our house that we bought didn't come with a dishwasher, so I've been washing them by hand since the beginning of November - and it IS a real pain. And yep, just two of us really can add up to A LOT of dishes! We just bought one and hopefully it will be installed within the next two weeks, as we're totally remodeling our kitchen, there's actually NOTHING in the kitchen right now, no cabinets, no sink, no countertops. But yes, I totally empathize with you Louise!