Friday, September 12, 2008


Things are starting to get really busy again here. I finished refinishing my coffee table (refinished?) and was disappointed with the results. One side turned out all blotchy, like the coffee table has some sort of disease. I don't know if I screwed it up when applying the stain, if I messed up the pre-stain stuff, whether I didn't sand it enough, or if it's just the wood. Ethan says it's just the wood. Comments like that are why I married him. I still have one more end table to strip and stain, but the weather is rapidly worsening. I am hoping I can get it done before things start freezing, but with my schedule I just don't know.

School has also started again. I'm taking Statistics for Management and Legal Aspects of Engineering (course titles are approximate). So far, it seems like Statistics will be useful, but the verdict is still out on the Legal course. Ethan says it will be really useful to understand contracts. However, I don't use contracts at work and as of yet, haven't really used them at home (and don't know when I will). Maybe he should take the course.

This weekend is supposed to be our annual Crow Pass hike. Unfortunately, our friends bailed and it looks like it's supposed to rain all weekend. Bummer. But I'm determined to do it -- it's a family tradition.

Work is also super busy. I have a paper to write, training courses to attend, and I have been given some new coordination projects I need to get cracking on. Of course, the result is that I'm procrastinating like mad. You think I would know better, but I don't.

That's it for now. I have a bunch of trips coming up (Vancouver, Louisville for a conference, and then New Zealand at the end of the semester). I know I promised you pics from Dutch Harbor and Cold Bay, and I'll get to them, I promise.

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