Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, now I know who to vote for

So just in case you were considering voting for McCain, here's why you shouldn't: (He picked our governor for his running mate, if you didn't know).

Sarah Palin is a pretty face from a redneck town with little experience. She had absolutely no state experience before she was elected governor. She's now had < 3 years experience running a state with a small constituent base. She believes in "fixing" the fuel crisis by handing out more cash. I also haven't been super happy with the way she's handling the gas pipeline, but you can ask Ethan about that.

Furthermore, she's abused her power by trying to fire one of our state troopers, who happens to be her sister's ex-husband. When the head of the state troopers wouldn't fire him (because he hadn't committed any fireable offenses), she fired him.

Does this sound like someone who would make a good vice president of the nation? Unless of course, John McCain simply wants a figurehead -- a woman who will bring in the female voters who are sitting on the fence after Hillary fell out, but someone he doesn't have to actually listen to because she has no real experience.

Bad, bad choice, McCain. Very bad.

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Alpha Monkey said...

Thanks for the info. I was curious what you thought about Palin when I heard McCain selected her. The more I hear on the news, the more I agree with you.

I think McCain chose her just to gain female voters. And I find it a bit insulting if they expect women will drop all their issues just to vote for any woman.