Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Riding the Coastal Trail

I thought I would do a little photo essay on one of my favorite runs/bike rides, the Anchorage Coastal Trail.

This is the scene from Lyn Ary Park, one place I like to access the coastal trail. That's Mt. Susitna in the background, a.k.a. The Sleeping Lady.

The Coastal Trail also goes through some forests. This is one particularly pretty area where there's a lot of birch trees and horsetails. There's also a lot of mosquitos, so I don't stop here if I can help it.

My favorite spot on the Coastal Trail, Pt Woronzof. The cliffs are about 50 ft, I think. They recently tried to rope them off (see the orange safety fence) but I have no regard for authority. I guess if we had an earthquake, the cliff would crumble and I would die, but that is a risk I take.
Part of the reason I like Pt. Woronzof is the little cliff swallows. They spend all day flying around, eating bugs and bringing them home to their babies. Here's one flying to his home (he's in front of the orange fence. I cropped the picture, but he's still hard to see).

This is the bridge over Fish Creek. It is a tidal inlet, and when the tide is in, the water is flat and there is no waterfall.

This is the view from the bridge. The mud flats might be considered ugly by some, but I actually find them very natural and attractive in their own way.

Finally, Westchester Lagoon. This is actually a man made lake, but it's really pretty and harbors a lot of wildlife (beavers, birds of all sorts, fish).
One last photo for you: Anchorage, taken from Earthquake Park. Isn't my city beautiful?


henna73 said...

Your pictures make me want to go back!!! My bike rides are pretty, but nothing compared to yours!

L said...

Aww, thanks! But I'm a believer that there is beauty everywhere -- you just have to look for it!

baasheep said...

So pretty!

Alpha Monkey said...

It's beautiful! I'm jealous. Our bike rides are just from downtown to campus for smoothies.

Vanessa said...

what a fun bike trail!

sv said...

ohmygoomness, how gorgeous! it kinda aches, it's so beautiful. and great pics, squirrel.