Thursday, May 15, 2008

Per Ethan's request

Here are some pics from the wedding. Not all of these were taken by me -- I let Abbie's 7 year old stepdaughter use my camera and she took some surprisingly good pictures!

Abs and her two bridesmaids (one's in the background).

The view from Abbie's original wedding site (it was on top of a hill and waaay too cold)!

Abbie and her MIL walking down toward the amphitheater.

Mom would probably hate this picture but I like it because she looks so happy.

My beautiful little sister! Sniff, sniff.

The whole family! (minus Ethan, who's in the john)

A photo of my hair and the little photographer, who was as cute as a button.

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Alpha Monkey said...

Awww, those are some great pics!