Monday, April 21, 2008

To Do in the next 11(!) days

  1. 5 page paper for class
  2. at least 2 1 more homework (the 3 page paper)
  3. study for final exam
  4. make sister's bridal veil finish this tonight!
  5. make invites to bachelorette party
  6. mail said invites
  7. make reservations for bridal shower food
  8. plan favors/decor/food for bachelorette party
  9. get hair cut
  10. make kennel reservations for the Furry Devil Child
  11. pack
  12. get together with my Little Sister (from Big Bros/Big Sis) at least once!
  13. hand out awards at state science fair
  14. buy b-day gift for Dad
  15. buy Mother's day gifts for both moms
  16. pick up my dress from the seamstress, hope to God it looks better now that it's altered actually try it on!
  17. register for fall classes
  18. a bunch of work projects I won't list here
  19. friend's going away party
  20. skiing with Ethan
  21. take Furry Devil Child to vet, get prescription refilled
  22. refill personal prescriptions
  23. *breathe*

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