Saturday, February 16, 2008

Soooooo not The One

Well, the Realtor and I went to look at houses yesterday, and The House is definitely not The House. What was not apparent from the pictures online was that the master bathroom was open to the master bedroom. Like, no wall or door between them. So no privacy. Plus, the master bedroom had no closet. None. None in the room, none in the hall, nothing. WTF people? We are not living in medieval England here.

Didn't see anything else I really liked either. One house was okay, but the washer/dryer were in an alcove in the dining room. I wasn't really enthusiastic about that. My friend asked me if that was something we could change. Maybe. But I don't know how we would move the w/d hookups. And I'm not really enthusiastic about any house where we have to tear down/build walls. Especially not since housing prices are so expensive.

So back to square one, I guess.


Alpha Monkey said...

Oh well. It's pretty early in your search so don't get discouraged. But seriously, who designs these houses?

L said...

Yeah! I mean, besides the fact that you have no privacy in the bathroom, every time you took a crap the whole bedroom would stink!

eaf said...

Yar! We'll find a place eventually. Keep the faith babe!