Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The One! (maybe)

So, I've found a house that I really really like.

  • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths
  • 2 car garage
  • medium yard -- with trees!
  • end of a street, so quiet location (necessary for a shift worker)
  • close to my work and close to the airport
  • spacious kitchen (or at least it seems so from the pictures)
  • backs up to a park with ski trails (also a dog park)
  • right price
  • no fence
  • no hardwood floors
  • not super close to Ethan's in-town work
  • we really love our current location so much that it's hard to compete, even though this house is pretty close
Then today, I saw they had posted more pictures online. Now I have even more pros:
  • large bedrooms
  • lots of windows (sunny!)
  • jacuzzi tub
The bad thing is, this house is priced to sell. They are asking $278K, which is actually a pretty darn-good price given the location and the amenities. So this worries me for two reasons: 1) there might be something really wrong with it or 2) it might get snapped up in a hurry. I worry about the second one because I really do want to look around a little bit, and Ethan leaves to go work on the slope for 2 weeks this evening (and I'm not bidding on a house without him seeing it).

I keep telling myself not to get too excited. There's a very real possibility that we will not get this house, or that it might not even be the right house for us. We have to check it out. But this is the first house I've found online that I've been really excited about. So we shall see.


Vanessa said...

wow! sounds like a great house. and some of your cons can be easliy fixed...you can put up a fence and install hardwood floors...and in this market, people love hardwood floors...so if (eventually) you sold the house, you would probably get back your investment in the floors. and remember, the inspector is there to catch anything that is wrong with the house. good luck!!

henna73 said...

Go for it! Hardwoods aren't too hard to put in and putting up a fence is easy.

L said...

See, that's what I think too. But like I said, it's important not to get all caught up in one house right now. We're just starting the process, and I'm sure there are lots of places out there that would be great...I just don't want to get all excited and think "THIS IS IT!" and have it (eventually) fall through, or miss something better.

Bart said...

Lisa and I decided to check in on you :)

Our two cents - if the house is still available when Ethan gets back (and he likes it) go for it!

If it is taken at that point, no worries - you'll find another place. One with a fence! Though we're not real sure why you want a fence ;)

L said...

For the dog! That, uh, we don't have yet.

Alpha Monkey said...

Oh that sounds like a really cool house! Especially since it backs up to ski trails and a dog park. It seems like the wood floors and fence should be fairly easy to add once you move in. Good luck!