Saturday, December 01, 2007

Two week update!

Ethan came home at midnight the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was the most thankful I've ever been. First, we went over to our friend's house, where we saw all our friends. Then we went over to the in-laws house, where Ethan got to see his whole family. It was so nice and everyone was so happy to see him!

I meant to take the camera to Thanksgiving dinner, but we had to take 3 pies, stuffing, wine, pickled eggs and pickled beets and it was just way too much trouble. Sorry!

Since then, we have just been getting back to normal. I have had to work some odd hours, so there have been several nights where Ethan spent time with his friends but I was unable to. Kind of a bummer, but I really couldn't afford the leave. We're going to get plenty of time together in California anyway.

Today he is off skiing with the ski patrol. In the weather news, all that nice wonderful snowfall we had melted the day Ethan arrived. Now things are just old and yucky, and the ski resorts have been having a terrible time. It's gotten colder again but like I said, the snow is terrible and it looks like we're not going to get anymore for a while. Bummer.

It's okay though, because I do need to finish my projects for school, which are due this upcoming week and next. I have time at work to do it, but I am not supposed to spend all my time working on schoolwork at work, so the lack of good snow for skiing is coming at a good time.

Um, what else? Oh, I was on t.v. Channel 2 did a little story on "Where's all the snow?" and my boss asked me to do the interview. All of my friends saw it and I was very embarrassed. It went well but I do not like that kind of attention. Fortunately, the Regional people also saw it and were please. So that looks good on my resume.

Surprisingly, I am still crazy busy, even with Ethan home. I have to finish these two reports and do some Christmas shopping before we leave on the 13th. Two weeks may seem like ample time, but I want to spend time with Ethan, see my friends, and I have to do all that other ordinary boring life stuff like grocery shopping.

So I hope to post a little bit before Christmas, and maybe get some CA pictures up, but no promises. See you guys around the blog! ;)


baasheep said...

Yay I'm so glad he's home and everythings getting back to normal :)

Robyn said...

yaaaayy! SO happy for you.

Alpha Monkey said...

YAY!!! I'm really happy for you guys! Are you going to CA for your honeymoon?

Vanessa said...

about time for the update ;)

but really, i am so happy for you both!!

L said...

Thanks guys! Yeah, the CA trip is our honeymoon. We plan to drive Rte 1, the Pacific Coast Highway. I'm really looking forward to it.

New Zealand is not permanently canceled, but we'll probably wait until next year for that.