Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anger Management

Well, I called Qantas today to figure out what to do about our plane tickets. It's going to cost us $200 to change them. Per ticket. Or we could cancel them for a $500 cancellation fee. Per ticket. Jerks.

So I don't know what to do. Do I try to change them to December, gambling that I won't have to pay another $400 to change them then? Or do I change them to next year, effectively making our "honeymoon" a vacation? Either way, it's still going to be an extra $400 added on to our honeymoon cost, not including the time-share week we lost and now must make hotel reservations for.

I was so mad about all this that I threw my notepad across the room. It made me feel slightly better. I still threw another temper tantrum later. I'm just not handling this whole "National Guard fucks with your life" thing well.

To add insult to injury, the Family Ass. Center sent me another e-mail announcing the unit's return. This is after I have e-mailed them twice to take me off the list. I almost wrote a scathing e-mail, but then I realized that hey, I could just block them. So I did. Which did not make me feel as good as a scathing e-mail, but was probably better. After all, no one likes to hear that they're a dipshit, even if they kind of deserve it.


Vanessa said...

i'm sorry about this whole mess. and honestly, i'm surprised the airline hasn't been more flexible, especially considering ethan is coming home from serving in the army. and i agree about the FA...i remember when billy came home...they sent out those updates, and we were so upset because billy had drawn the short straw and came home late on the cargo plane with all their stuff...very frustrating. as an aside...have you heard the new radiohead album? fun times :)

pollyhyper said...

That really sucks. I bet if you persist you will finally talk to someone who can/will help. Does the Army have an ombudsman you can contact?
Have you tried crying? I find crying always helps.

L said...

Okay, you know what? I DID cry!! But the lady was Heart of Steel Woman or something. I don't know. I must have gotten Judge freakin Judy. I couldn't believe it!

I'm going to try again, when I call to actually change my tickets. Maybe I'll get someone who's nicer. And if that doesn't work, I am going to write a letter of complaint. You never know what that will get you.

Vanessa; I didn't know Billy came home late! That sucks! At least you can commiserate, and he's home now. BTW, I have not heard the new Radiohead album. But I've heard that it's offered for free on their website? Hmmm...

As another aside...I have been loving Muse lately...very early Radiohead-esque.