Monday, June 25, 2007

Uh, I dunno, you decide

Well, my weekend was pretty good. Not too exciting, but moderately fun. Saturday night I went to see Knocked Up, which was pretty funny. I really liked the characterizations of the father and his friends, I guess because I have known people just like that. Then yesterday, I went to my friend's barbecue. I had told her that it might be rainy, but on Saturday, the weather looked all right. So I said "Oh I think it will be showery, but you know, not too bad." Famous last words (you would think I would learn about this stuff, but I never do). I woke up Sunday morning to a torrential downpour. Whoops. So we did what Alaskans do best in this type of situation: put on our raincoats, and had the barbecue in the rain. She had rented a shelter, so it wasn't like we were actually out standing in it. And the kids all got a kick out of playing in the mud. So all in all, it actually went pretty well.

In other news, I have signed up for a graduate course. Breathe, breathe, okay, don't panic, you can do this, it's a lot of money but you can do this.... I have mixed emotions about all this, which is why I've only signed up for one class and haven't applied for the degree yet. If I complete the program, I'll have an MS in Science Management -- in other words, a Project Management degree for science-types like me. I think that will help me get promoted sometime in the far, far off future. But like I said, it's a lot of money. And frankly, the classes look a little boring. I would rather be taking Japanese, but the classes conflict.

So that brings me to another dilemma: I actually signed up for Japanese 102 this summer (again!). But if I'm not going to be able to take 201 in the fall, is it worth an extra $600 for the class? I just don't know. Everyone keeps suggesting I get the Rosetta stone. Well, I hate to say it, but I'm just not self-motivated enough to do a class without a teacher. I need a schedule, with tests, and money that I paid for it so I don't just blow it off to go drink beer.

I guess all this graduate degree stuff is just raising some big questions in my mind. Do I want to stay in my current career field? Will I ever get better bosses? Will I ever start to care again? What would I do if I quit? What if I do quit and I can't get a good job with good benefits? How could I support my family without job-sponsored healthcare, if that happens? Do I really want to give up on the meteorology dream, even though it hasn't panned out the way I would hope?

Argh. This being an adult stuff sucks.

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