Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Amusement

Last Tuesday, my Dad arrived to spend a week with me. On Wednesday, I had to go to work. Dad seemed bored while I was at work -- he called, unable to start my computer (he wasn't pressing the button hard enough) and later he sent this e-mail:

I just remembered. Mother's Day and help me remember to have you call Mom


I thought this meant that I should call Mom Weds night and also on Mother's Day. So when I got home, I called Mom.

Mom: Hi! What's up?
Me: Dad said I should call you.
Mom: Why?
Me: I'm not sure exactly. Hold on....Dad why did you want me to call Mom?
Dad: It's Mother's Day.
Me: Dad, it's not Mother's Day!
Dad: It's not?
Me: No! Mother's Day is on Sunday!

Meanwhile, Mom is cracking up in the background. When I called Mom on Sunday, I told her "Happy REAL Mother's Day". The Wednesday before Mother's Day will forever be stamped as Fake Mother's Day in my mind.

Then on Sunday, I got a call from a number I didn't recognize:

Me: Hello?
Other lady: Hello.
Me: Hello?......Who is this? (I didn't recognize her voice either).
Other lady, very loudly and clearly: This....is...your....daughter!
Me: Um, no it's not.
Me: I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number.
Other lady: Oh, I'm sorry!

That lady must have thought her mom had totally lost it!

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eaf said...

Sci Fi twist: maybe it was your daughter, calling from the future. You never know.