Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome to the Dollhouse

I've been requested to post. In fact, the request was for a funny story. But I don't feel funny right now. In fact, I feel like I've lost my sense of humor. I used to be funny, but now, not so much. So instead I will post something that has been annoying me, because that is what I do best these days.

Last week I went over to my friend's new girlfriend's house to watch Heroes. This is the same girl I posted that test messaging complaint about earlier. Well, she and her friends are all about myspace. I have a myspace, but I never check it. I guess it just never held that much interest for me. The only reason I don't take it down is because I did connect with some old friends from high school on it, so I feel like if I take it down, I'll be missing some unknown opportunities or something.

Anyway, the girlfriend (K) got some message from a dude on myspace. It said something to the effect of "Hey, you're really hot. I'm moving up to Eagle River in May and I'm looking for friends to hang out with." Which apparently, was hi-larious (have I told you I've lost my sense of humor)? So here's a distillation of the conversation that followed:

Me: Huh. That's kind of funny.
K: Oh, everyone gets messages like these all the time.
Me: Really? I never get messages like that.
K and her friend J: Oh, I'm sure you do.
Me (said a little tongue-in-cheek): No, I think only hot girls get messages like that. (this caused K's boyfriend, my friend, to roll his eyes at me)
Me: I think it's because I put "looking for friends" on my profile. (instead of looking for relationships)
K and J: Oh, we only have "looking for friends" on ours too.
Me: Well, I just don't get messages like that.
K and J: Oh no, everyone gets them. You must not have noticed.

Grrr. I do not get messages like that. Someone should have told these girls to shut the fuck up, because they were really starting to make me feel like a total dog.

All of this made me want to kick them. I don't really want some random dude hitting on me on myspace (hence the consideration for taking it down), but their attitudes still made me feel bad. I'm pretty too, dammit, but continuously pointing out the fact that I get less attention really makes me feel like I'm not.

Stupid girls. At least people like me for my personality.

Fake edit to add: I would just quit going over there since I don't like them, but I don't have a lot of friends and some people I do like hang out over there. So for now, I'm stuck.

Real edit to add: I added labels to my posts. Hope you find them useful!


Robyn said...

I don't get those type of messages, either. Don't feel bad!

CTG said...

Yeah me either.


L said...

You know what? Knowing you guys don't get messages either makes me feel a lot better! 'Cuz I think you're both pretty and cool!

eaf said...

She's probably getting those myspace messages from 56-year-old pedophiles who don't shower and have 3 nipples! I wouldn't be too upset about not getting that kind of attention...

fluffygurl said...

Yeah me neither and I would personally be a little weirded if some randomer sent me a message like that! Also you are not a dog, I've seen piccys and defo not a dog ;)