Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Grease Monkey, that funky monkey

So, yesterday, when I was getting ready to leave to go skiing, my car wouldn't start. Bad car! Well, it's not really car's fault. After all, it has been butt cold and I do not have a block heater. I would not want to start in those conditions either. But the good thing is, after I got my neighbor to help jump start the car, I replaced the battery by myself! Well, I and another girl did it, but we did it by ourselves. This is a red letter day because I can summarize everything I know about cars right here:

That's right, nothing. So I felt really accomplished and intelligent replacing my battery, even though it's a fairly basic skill. Hey, you gotta take what you can get sometimes, right?

And in other good news, skiing was awesome and beautiful, and today it's warming up! Highs in the 20s (F) tomorrow! Thank God, because I'm a little tired of this below zero all day shit.

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