Monday, November 06, 2006

Like, this reunion is going to be so totally awesome! As IF.

So, I broke the cardinal rule of haircuts: never get a new haircut right before you have social obligation where you want to impress people, for example, a 10-yr high school reunion.

I got my hair cut today. And it's not what I wanted. Here's the deal: I have been growing my hair out for quite a while. And although I had been pretty wishy-washy about it for a while, I had finally gotten to the point where I kind of liked it. It needed a trim, no doubt. And I thought layers might look good too, you know, the long kind. Well, my hair is too short for layers. At least the long kind. So #1) she cut it too short (what is with hair people? They always cut it too short!) and #2) the layers make it even shorter and are right at the point where my hair does that crappy 1960's style flip thing that pisses me off so bad!

This is what I wanted it to look like (okay, it would help if I looked like her all around):

This is what I got:

Yeah. Not exactly Allyson Hannigan.

Combine this with the fact that I was completely unsuccessful at finding a Super Hot Reunion outfit today and I'm just in a foul mood. Note to fashion designers: bringing the mini skirt and skinny pants back was a bad idea. Have you heard the news about Americans being fatter than ever?

So, basically, this weekend, I'm going to look the exact same way I did in high school. Slightly chubby (because I fell off the wagon so bad I have a wheel markgoing down my back), dumpy clothes, and the same cheesy haircut I had 10 years ago. Dammit! This is just like when I turned 18 and realized that no, I wasn't going to magically turn in to Barbie. Only now, I'm 28, and no, I haven't magically turned into Jennifer Aniston (or Condoleezza Rice, which would have been a viable alternative to turning into a super-hotty).

At least I don't have acne. Oh wait, it is the weekend before my period. And I've been eating Halloween chocolate like there's no tomorrow. Argh! The fates are against me!

I'll just have to drink a lot. Because drinking makes everything better.

P.S. I wanted to write the title in circa 1996 lingo. But I can't remember any of the slang we used. Any suggestions?

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baasheep/fluffygurl said...

Oh I'm probably too late but I love your hair! A little side parting at the front a little back commbing at the top/back and your good to go..I hear you on the fashion front. However the leggings that everyone and their mammy are wearing can actually make pretty good looking tights when combined with boots that hide the fact they are leggings. I'm sure you are having/have had a blast!