Thursday, March 23, 2006

You can't say I'm unambitious

So, instead of working, lately I've been thinking of 1) things to do while E is gone and 2) great wedding ideas. It's very possible that none of these will come to fruition because I'm great at coming up with great ideas but not so great at doing them. Kind of like when my friends and I built a model of the Parthenon in 6th grade...we were going to build the structure, and then carve a statue of Athena out of wood and paint it gold, and then get little branches to make trees on the outside. Well, fast forward a month, and all we managed to do was get the outer row of columns and the roof on. We didn't even get all three rows of columns in there. And my stupid group members all mysteriously got "sick" the day we had to present it and left me to defend our crappy project alone in front of my cruel, cruel classmates. Yeah I'm not bitter.

ANyhoo, here's what I want to do while E's gone:

1. Take Japanese 102
2. Fix our lack of entertainment center situation, by either buying one or making one
3. Fix our weird blinking hall lights
4. Replace our outlets where the plugs won't stay in
5. Take yoga or pilates
6. Clean out and organize the den
7. Organize the coat closet
8. Consider replacing our shitty shelves in the gear closet with something like a California closet system
9. Frame some nice pictures of us and our families to replace the pics in the hall, which are all mine

Ideas for the wedding:

1. Make breakfast for my bridesmaids on a couple of the days (I was inspired by jazzberry's delicious looking cheesy breakfast bagels),
2. Have a barbecue the Friday night before the wedding (it's on a Tuesday) where I invite all the "young" people; i.e. E's cousins and friends, so I can meet them and maybe they can get to know each other a little bit
3. Buy some sort of lunch tray for the bridal party (one for groom's side, one for mine) the day of the wedding

Those are my ideas so far. Of course, I've also tried to make my veil (didn't turn out so hot) and am still planning to make my guest book (which I haven't really started). So we'll see where this stuff goes.

Question, loyal blog readers: what makes a blog interesting? What would you like to read about in my blog? Crazy co-workers? Moose stories? Rants and raves? I noticed that jpunca says she gets a lot of hits. I don't, or at least most of my little dots on my map are still in the 1 - 9 range. So how can I make this more interesting to you?

ETA: Hmmm, apparently the map only updates if there is a 10% increase in visits since the last time. So at this point, I will need 16 more hits for it to update.

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eaf said...

Couple of things that make blogs interesting: a theme (such as that lady who was making a recipe a week or whatever from her Betty Crocker cookbook), some jokes, funny stories, cool links. I like the nerd test stuff. Introspection is cool, too, but don't get bogged down with it. Ranting must work if it's funny or political...I dunno.