Tuesday, February 28, 2006



We just got in a discussion at work about this lady who moved into a leadership position really fast. A couple of guys at my work were saying that it's because she's a woman. This just pisses me off so bad, for two reasons:

  1. No matter what I do, if I get promoted people will think it's because I'm a woman. Nevermind if I work hard or am really smart or anything else. They will totally discount it.

  2. If this is actually true, then everything I do at my job isn't worth shit. And I'm not worth shit as an employee. In fact, there's no reason to even try if this is the case. My work won't be appreciated or even looked at. I'll get promoted because I have tits.
What a fucking load of crap. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. It's fucking shit. And you know what, at least one of those guys making the comments is a total waste of flesh. He does the worst job, and that's why he doesn't get promoted.


On to less angry things: I saved my fish's life! No, I didn't pump his little heart and breathe air into his gills. But he was on the brink of death, and now he's swimming around like a newborn guppie.

Here's the story: when I fed the fish the other day, this guy was floating on his side at the top. So I took him out and put him in another bowl. Then when I came home in the morning, he was floating upside down but still breathing. I looked in my fish book but I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. I thought he might have dropsy. I was basically waiting for him to die. Then I saw him dart around...so I thought well, I have this old fish medicine in the cabinet, might as well try it. I dropped some in, and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and he was floating at the top, right-side up. So I thought he was dead, but all of a sudden, he started swimming! I added more water and medicine. When I came home in the afternoon, he was swimming around, completely cured. I am almost ready to put him back in the large tank.

So I feel like I worked a miracle. I'm really glad I didn't flush him. Yay for saving fish lives!

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