Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What did I just say?

Well, after I got home yesterday I realized what a big baby I was being. I mean, my biggest problems are other people's problems and the fact that E's family wants to include me. Hello!?! That's a good thing! Plus, if I'm not happy with certain things (i.e. seeing my friends) I need to make an effort to change that. So E and I planned to invite another couple over for dinner Thursday. I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, I think part of my problem is that I'm on night shift. I always have a more negative outlook when I'm on nights. Maybe it's because there's less light, or I'm tired all the time...I don't know. But I just have to make a concious effort to not let it get me down.

That having been said, I'm going to commence my ritual bitching: I wish I had done a little more research before signing up for my blog. I checked out some of my friend's blogs, and livejournal.com is way cooler. You have little icons to show how you're feeling, and you can set the privacy level for each entry. For example, if I decided I didn't want anyone to read this entry except for friends, I could specify that, but leave my journal public. Now I'm stuck with blogspot, because it's too much trouble to change. Plus, my blog is listed on the digsring. And, I can't change my template without personally editing the html because I've made too many changes to my original template.

Maybe I should learn html. Or not. That sounds like work.

Work has been interesting lately. And by interesting, I mean boring. I kind of like one of the people I'm working with, in spite of the fact that my co-workers have nicknamed him D. Downer, but the other two get on my nerves. In fact, one guy I work with drives me nuts because he's so.....s l o w. I've also discovered that he's a repeater, which I find very annoying. For example, earlier D. Downer said something like "I think we have to get approval from management to remove the snack machines", and I replied "Well I think they're a waste of money". Then Mr. S l o w added his two cents by saying, "Well, the problem is you have to get approval to remove them from management." Hello? Were you not listening? That's what D. Downer just said! And that happens all the time!

Anyway, because of the annoyance factor, I find myself disengaging from the group, as in, not talking to them. Since they are quiet people anyway, this leads to a tomblike atmosphere. Which means I find myself bored.


Merimoo said...

It's actually really easy to change your journal link in the Digsring - I did it last month. Just log in, change where it points to, and include the code in your new one.

L said...

Thanks, merimoo! I'm still thinking about it. Of course, there's always the laziness factor...