Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's Velveeta vs. Cheddar

Today we were talking about the volcanoes on Hawaii at work and it brought up some really special memories. After September 11th, I was sent to Hawaii for 3 months to provide support remotely for the operations in Afghanistan (among other things). My relationship with E was only 3 months old, so I was really hesitant and I had very low confidence that it was going to work out.

E came to visit me twice during that time period, and both times we had a lot of fun. The second visit was the best, though, because we took a trip to the big island (Hawaii) and spent 3 days there. The place we stayed was a military "camp" in Volcano National Park. I put camp in quotation marks because it was really nice; not at all like camping. We had our own little cabin with a fireplace, separate bedroom and bathroom. It was the beginning of December, so they had decorated the outside with lights and pine branches--it was really cute. The camp also had a little store and a cafeteria where we had breakfast made to order. All for $60 a night. Unbelievable.

Talking about it brought up all the memories from those three days: driving around Volcano National Park and laughing at the fat tourists riding bicycles through the persistant rain, visiting the observatory on the top of the mountain and looking at the stars through the telescope, having dinner at a wonderful Japanese restaurant in Hilo, and the beautiful scenery the whole time. Mostly, I just remember being so happy and having so much fun.

I can't believe E and I are still together four years later. I never would have guessed that it would turn out this way. It's been great and I feel really lucky to have spent this time with him.

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