Sunday, April 06, 2014

Flirting for Nerds 101

So, I went to trivia with my friends Sam and Cindi the other night, and I'm pretty sure the waiter was hitting on me:

Waiter: How did you guys do on Round 1?
Me: We got 7 out of 10! Woohoo! We rock!
Waiter: 7 out of 10? That's 70%. That's like, a C minus?
Me: So? You got zero out of 10. That's like, an F. [This is called "witty banter", folks.]
Waiter: Actually, I got 100%.
Me: What?
Waiter: Zero out of zero. That's 100%.
Me: Zero out of zero? Actually, mathematically, isn't that undefined?
Waiter: are you going to order, or what?

Ohhhhh yeah, I still got it.

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Carlw4514 said...

>That's like, a C minus?


>Zero out of zero. That's 100%.

actually, I thought that was pretty good

>mathematically, isn't that undefined?

even better!

Uncle C