Monday, February 11, 2013

On Television

Dad asked me at one point how I was able to read so many books, and I said "Well, I don't watch much television". Which makes me a bit of an outlier in this day and age. Ethan and I haven't had cable in years -- it came with my first apartment in Alaska, but when I moved out after a year and a half I got rid of cable and never looked back. That doesn't sound so strange now, with many people going to and Netflix, but back then, I was weird.

Then we moved to Australia, and our bunny ears didn't even work. And we just never bothered to buy new ones. I missed watching sporting events on t.v. sometimes, but otherwise, it was blissful. So when we returned, and didn't have a t.v. for about 5 months, it wasn't a hardship.

That isn't to say we don't watch t.v. at all. We watch a fair number of movies on the weekend, and we watched the football games all season long. But the difference now is that we watch t.v. much more purposefully. I will choose a show I want to watch, instead of turning on the t.v. and letting it remain on for 4 hours a night. You know what? I don't miss most of those shows anyway.

I'm a lot more productive now, too. I actually complete projects and start new ones. I tiled our kitchen backsplash this weekend (pictures to come once the grout's in), I have a painting waiting to be finished, and I'm going to a pottery class with my friend on Thursday. Plus, I actually make dinner on weeknights.

So that's what I'm doing with my life -- not watching t.v. I kill enough brain cells reading Facebook and surfing the interwebs anyway.


Carlw4514 said...

Could be some genes involved. Our family when I was a kid was very late in getting a TV, and as an adult there were many years I didnt have one and I was quite happy.

Uncle C

btw, "The characters you entered didn't match the word verification. Please try again."

we'll have to see who wins. What I can't understand is, this could be made so much easier without sacrificing a thing.

L said...

I know all about your "no tv as a kid"! Thanks to Uncle Russell's broken leg! :)

Those test characters are starting to drive me crazy. They're posting increasingly blurry ones. How is a human supposed to pass the test?

Carlw4514 said...

>Thanks to Uncle Russell's broken leg!

Yes! I need to mention that to him again [g]