Sunday, January 27, 2013

Going to the Dogs!

Our new pup!
We have a new dog! Or we think we do. We have wanted a second dog for quite a while, but we were worried because Fievel has a tendency to be aggressive. So we knew we wanted our second dog to be submissive, small, and preferably a girl. We contacted Kitty and K-9 Connection, the rescue agency we got Fievel from, and they brought a couple of dogs for us to try.

Both dogs were sweet and got along with Fievel very well, but Solytta was a little more playful and friendly. She's a bit older than the other dog, Duvy, who was still just a puppy. We liked her and wanted to give her a chance because it might be harder for her to find a home.

She was really excited when she arrived, but when KKC left, she whined at the door. That made us feel a little guilty!

Although Solytta is a nice name, I would like to change it to one of our own. I've decided to call her Tilly, because of the way she tilts her head ("Tilty" is too difficult to say). We've already slipped up a couple of times, so we'll see if the new name sticks.

Tilly has a few quirks, as with any rescue dog. She's very frightened of leashes and collars and can be nippy when you try to put them on her. She can be a bit skittish as well, but she's also really sweet and I hope she will be less skittish as time goes by.

The two dogs haven't played together as much as I would like, but the Fi seems to tolerate her, so that's good. He has already decided that the new kennel and bed we bought for Tilly should be his. What a brat!

We have two weeks to give Tilly a trial run. I hope things go well and that she becomes a nice addition to our family.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Didn't expect that. Hope she is as good as Fievel. he is a hard act to follow.


L said...

I told you guys we were getting another dog!

She is pretty good so far. She's a lot barkier, though. But she's very sweet.