Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Next?

So, as you may have gathered, we are planning on heading back to the States permanently in June.  Although I really enjoy my job and my friends, we miss our friends and family back home, and want to be able to do things like buy a house.

Unfortunately, I don't yet have a job in the States, so our plans at the moment are a bit loosey-goosey. We plan to move back to Alaska for the summer or until I find a job, at which point we will move to wherever the job is. If I haven't found something by the end of summer, we'll pick a place we want to live and search for jobs there.

I am considering what to do with this blog as well. I think you will not be surprised to read that I have lost enthusiasm for it. Part of it is that I don't think our daily lives are all that interesting. When I moved to Australia, that was something new and different. Now, we will be doing the same old things back in the States. Will anyone want to read about that? Will I still want to post about baking and gardening again and again? I don't know.

I hope as things start to get more settled, I'll regain enthusiasm and be able to write about my life in a way that keeps you engaged. If not, perhaps it will be back to e-mail to keep in touch.


Carlw4514 said...

Don't make it a burden. A few pics once in a while?

I am probably not ever going to do the facebook thing, so there's that.

Uncle C.

Anonymous said...

I like reading about your gardening and reading and whatever. Really, most of us lead pretty mundane and ordinary lives with bursts of activity. Don't let the blog be a burden but don't give it up because you think your readers find your activities boring. Ive enjoyed reading about your Australian adventure very much and also got a kick out of Alaska. And the pictures have all been great! I vote to keep the blog on your timetable conditions. With photographs. Suzanne

Lynn said...

I agree, I like reading about your mundane life. Mine is ordinary and mundane too. And I agree, you won't catch me on FB! :)

Anonymous said...

Well-- I have enjoyed your blog and hope you keep it going, if only updated infrequently. Besides, I find what your subjects interesting since I have similar interests. I wouldn't make any rash decisions until you get "settled" in AK. Too much emotion associated with leaving OZ and looking for a new job.


L said...

Well, some other things have happened recently that have given me some inspiration for the blog. We'll see how we go, but I'll probably will continue it.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad to have 4 loyal readers.

Anonymous said...

I alway enjoy your writing. It is interesting readinig about your adventures.

L said...

Thanks, anon!