Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Did you miss me?

Wow, has it really been six weeks since I last updated?  Sorry, dear readers!  We were busy with finding a new place to live, moving, and then preparing for my parents' visit.   We also took a trip to Canberra to check out Floriade, which is a flower show.  That was fun and I hope to post some pictures soon.  On the other hand, I might never get to it. My track record with the pictures hasn't been great lately.

I'm sure you're absolutely dying to know about our new abode, so I'll tell you:  we have moved further from Sydney, and further from the beach, to a town called Miranda.  Miranda is a suburb in Sutherland Shire, which is about as far south as you can get from Sydney and still be considered to live in the city.  It's known for its massive mall and not much else. 

Our new place is a house with a giant yard, which is nice.  We have a lot more room, so I like that a lot.  The house is older and a bit run down, so that's a bit of a bummer after living in our nice new place by the beach.  The windows don't open and the insulation is non-existent, so that means it's cold when it's cold and hot when it's hot.  We do have air conditioning in the lounge, so that's nice.

Although our little dog likes the new yard, he does not run around much, which kind of hacks me off.  Instead, he just stands there, blinking in the sun. We moved to the boonies so you could have a giant yard, you ungrateful little bastard!  If I had known you were going to do your best dog statue impression, we could have found a place with a balcony in the city.  On the other hand, we don't have to walk him to get exercise; we can throw the toy in the backyard, which given my previous post on his bad walking behaviour and the fact that our street is basically a highway, is a good thing.

As mentioned previously, my parents are visiting the southern hemisphere. (They are currently in New Zealand).  They stopped through last week and we did a few things in Sydney, which they seemed to enjoy, in spite of the 45 minute train ride and 20 minute walk to the station.  They will be back in a week or so for round 2, in which I think we'll head out of Sydney to see some other parts of Australia.

In the interest of keeping this fairly short, I'll sign off for now, but I'll try to be a bit better about posting in the future.  Just try not to expect too much.

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craftosaurus said...

Glad to hear you're in the new place and there are some good things about it. :)