Tuesday, April 05, 2011

No news is boring news

Although I mean for this blog to keep people up to date with my day-to-day life, including things like beer making, bread baking and worm farming, for some reason I get continuously sucked into the "Don't post unless it's about an awesome trip.  With pictures." mentality.  Anyway, the lack of posts from week to week doesn't mean that I've died, it just means I'm doing things like working, and daily stuff like hanging out with friends, sans pictures.

Also, we have some friends coming into town this week, so I don't plan to update the blog while they're here.  I have a few ideas for some update-type posts that I will get to hopefully in the next couple of days and schedule them so you won't get bored and forget that I used to actually blog.

In the meantime, for your listening pleasure, Ethan found a clip of what Tasmanian Devils sound like.  Pretty horrific, huh?


Anonymous said...

That devil sound made me jump even though I was expecting it. Good grief. I'd hate to hear that near my tent. Ice is melting so bad I had to park my tracker in the drive the garage is flooded. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

What the..... good grief. I'd hate to hear that by my tent. I jumped when the cry came on even tho I was expecting it. My trackers in the drive cause the garage is flooded. Great writing.

Anonymous said...

I can remember being quite surprised that the Warner Brothers cartoon character "Taz" did attempt somewhat to imitate this creature in looks and behavior. I think at first I thought it was all made up, not a real creature.


Anonymous said...

I think it is having to do the word verification that makes me forget to sign my anonymous postings. I am already signed in at Google so it irritates me that I have to sign out, then sign back in. It seems easier to do the word verification, which has problems [I comment on this also at Aaron's blog.

I do generally remember to copy a long comment so it is on the mouse, so if something screwy happens I don't have to start over as seems to have happened to the unfortunate tent dweller.

that last one was me.

Uncle Carl

L said...

Didn't mean to scare you! Well, sort of. ;)

Uncle Carl, it is surprising how much "Taz" was like the real thing. Kind of funny.

Word verification is annoying, but like Aaron, I was getting too much spam and had to enact it.

Anonymous said...

I got such a fun giggle tonight. I don't live in a tent but I did screw up the sign in and out thing. Thanks Uncle Carl. You haven't met me but I have met your bro. Have a great Sunday everyone.

Andria Crowjoy said...

The day to day stuff is the most fascinating! Stop censoring!

L said...

Well, I'm glad that someone other than my mom and my mother-in-law like the day-to-day stuff!

I'll try to write more posts. Our friends are still in town, so we're actually doing fun things.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing rumors you are having a Tasmanian Devil for dinner or something?