Thursday, January 27, 2011

Govett's Leap

This is Part III of a three part post about our trip to the Blue Mountains.

Our last day in the Blue Mountains, we packed up, said goodbye to our Perth friends, and headed back towards Sydney. We left a bit early so we could stop at a place I thought sounded kind of cool – Govett’s Leap. We had purchased a book with hikes around the Blue Mountains on our first day, so I picked a relatively short hike along the cliff top from Govett’s Leap to Evan’s Lookout.

In spite of the fact that the story behind the name was a bit anticlimactic (I was envisioning a Last of the Mohicans type death scene, but it was just named after some guy who found it), Govett’s Leap was amazing. The cliffs are huge, and there are several gorgeous waterfalls that are probably 250m or more in height.

Me enjoying the view at Evan's lookout

Bridal Veil Falls from the Cliff Top

We hiked along the cliff top for a couple of hours before returning to the car and rescuing the dog. I don’t have too much to say about the hike (other than that we saw a shy Lyre bird, which was cool) because I think the pictures do it better justice.

Pulpit Rock

Horseshoe Falls

Cliffs we walked along on the hike

Govett's Leap

The full panorama at Govett's Leap

After the hike, we returned home. We were under the misunderstanding that we had to return the car by 4, so we decided not to do anything else in the Blue Mountains. It was just as well, because we were already fighting traffic through the city.
Wide open spaces

I went to the Blue Mountains not really understanding how cool they are. I was expecting a Shenandoah type experience, and while I certainly had that, the cliffs were way better than I expected, and the wildlife made the experience nothing like anything in the States. Ethan and I didn’t do a lot of the cool things there are to do up there, so we hope to go back again, and knock out a few more things to do.

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eaf said...

Funny how things look so much more awesome in person. The pictures never seem to do it justice.