Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Reading: A How-To Guide for the Blogging Impaired

I’ve been meaning to do a little post about the blog, since some people who are new to the blog format may not completely understand what it’s all about.

At the top, I have a tab “About Me”. My guess is that if you’re reading this, you already know who I am. But just in case you’re new, or want to know why I’m blogging, read up! I have plans for other tabs as well…someday, in the nebulous future.

You can access my latest post by going to the main page: http:/ In theory, I should be updating this blog frequently (like weekly). However, because of life, I don’t always do it that often, so the post you see at the front may be old. Don’t give up! If you want current posts but don’t want to have to check too often, I encourage you to use an RSS feed like Google Reader, where you can add a bunch of blogs (or other websites) and sign in to see any updates without having to check each location individually.
On the top left side, I have a few blogs I like to visit, but I’m sorry to say, I don’t really update that all that often. I encourage you to check out what’s there currently – I find these people interesting, and you might too!

The tags on the bottom left are labels I’ve used to categorize my posts. Larger tags are categories I’ve used more often. If you’re interested in seeing all my posts on gardening, for example, you can click on it and see every post I’ve tagged with that label. Obviously, that’s subject to human error—a lot of times I forget to tag a post, or don’t tag it with what you would, perhaps. Still, it’s a good way to see what I’ve written on a subject.

If you want to see old posts from a chronological perspective, you can go to the Blog Archive. You might use this if you wanted to know what I wrote about last year’s Christmas, for example.

On the right side, I have one of my few widgets: a link to my Goodreads page to show you what I’m currently reading. I’m an avid reader but very rarely post about what I’m reading (save Walden, which I read during a period when I didn’t have much to do except complain about it). If you think you might be interested in anything I’m reading, I encourage you to click on the book.

At the top, I have a tab “About Me”. My guess is that if you’re reading this, you already know who I am. But just in case you’re new, or want to know me more, read up! I also plan to add another tab with Favorites at some point.

So that’s enough about the blog. If you’re new to blogs, I hope you “get” how my page works a little better. For those of you who are not new, but have stuck it out this far, sorry for the boring post, and back to our (ir)regularly scheduled programming!

P.S. I do take requests, although I might be slow. So if you’re tired of hearing about what I’m currently fascinated with and want to revisit an old topic, let me know.

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