Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: Year in Review

January:  I got a Wii as a graduation present from my folks.  I went skiing a bunch of times.  I announced that we were looking to move out of AK, and that we were going to buy a house when we do.
February:  I complained about reading Walden.  I went on a diet.  I started posting about my interest in permaculture.  I finished Walden, and ended up liking it.
March:  I baked lots of bread from my favorite bread book.  I posted one of the awesome Mt. Susitna webcam images.  I whinged about missing a speech by the author of my favorite permaculture book, and I talked about one of the foremost women in Atmospheric Science, Joanne Malkus Simpson.
April:  I went to Virginia to visit my relatives, and posted that I had big news upcoming soon.
May:  I announced our upcoming move to Sydney!  I complained about decluttering and getting my visa.  I attempted to explain the Australia healthcare system (which I am no more knowledgeable about now that I live here).  I acknowledged that I was going to miss Alaska.  My visa arrived and I resigned from the National Weather Service.
June:  We went on a rafting trip down the Chulitna, where my boat flipped and I ended up floating down a glacial river.  Scary!  Next thing you know, I was packing up and moving on.  I arrived in Sydney and went to see the light show downtown and Manly Beach.  I unsuccessfully looked for an apartment and got discouraged by Sydney prices.  Back in Alaska, Ethan got punched in the face.
July:  I found a great apartment only 10 minutes from the beach!  I checked out the Royal Botanical Gardens, and got up close and friendly with bats and cockatoos.    I heard my first Kookaburra and bought tickets to see one of my favorite bands, The Eels.
August:  I went to Cockatoo Island to see an art show. At Featherdale Animal Park, I petted koalas and kangaroos. The Eels concert rocked.  The Australia election happened and I attempted to explain Australian politics. I went on a ski trip to Perisher Valley and got to visit Canberra in the process.
September:  I joined GoGet car share, took a bike riding class, and planted my garden.  I posted pictures of the beach I live near (looking back at those pictures, I can't believe how empty the beach is!).  I went bushwalking with my coworker and her husband through the glorious spring bush.  Ethan and Fievel arrived safely.
October:  I started my worm farm.  My garden started growing.  We made our first attempt at home brew.  We visited Taronga Zoo.  I did a post on water for Blog Action Day.  Fievel came home.  We enjoyed fish and chips at Watson's Bay and hiked past a nude beach.  We hosted a Halloween party, and people actually came in costume!
November:  Ethan and I went camping, sans camera card, where we saw kangaroos and possums in the wild.  I butchered Ethan's hair.  We did the Sculpture By the Sea walk.  My garden started producing, and dying at the same time.
December:  I did a 6-month in Australia update.  I posted about how weird it was to have Christmas in the middle of summer.  I went to the community garden for the first time and really enjoyed it.

Looking back, this has been a year full of unforeseen changes!  Back in January I had no idea I would be moving to Australia for the adventure of a lifetime (joke's on me about buying a house, huh)?  Although I've been a bit lax about posting in December, I hope to find some time to post more in the New Year (including those beer posts Uncle Carl asked for)!  May you all have a safe and happy New Year!


craftosaurus said...

Happy new year!

L said...

Thanks! Happy 2011 to you as well!