Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leave Your Body and Soul at the Door

Here in Australia, Halloween is not celebrated very much.  So, Ethan and I decided to throw a Halloween party to show our Australian friends how it's done.

Ethan getting ready for the party.

We made lots of fun and creepy food for the party.  Not pictured are the sangria (red wine, so it looked bloody) and the mummy dogs, which actually were the hit of the party.  They were hot dogs wrapped in pie crust.  So easy! And yet so popular!

Adam's ribs.  These were really tasty and I would totally make them again.

Halloween cookies.

Deviled egg "eyeballs".
Cheeseball "pumpkins" and lemon "finger" cookies.
We also decorated.  It was difficult finding decorations here, so we had to make some up.

Oh no, one of our party guests passed out in the tub!

We couldn't find a pumpkin to carve, so we improvised.
Our party guests "hanging" out.  Ha ha.  I slay me.

We made this floating scary guy out of homemade playdoh.  Interestingly enough, it is so humid here that even thought we had baked the face, it basically rehydrated and turned back into squishy dough.  It was really gross and I had to throw it away at the end of the night.

Ethan was a robot from the Flight of the Conchords, and I was Vampira from Plan 9 From Outer Space.  We took this picture later, when we realized we didn't have pictures of ourselves in costume.  Unfortunately, my long black fake fingernails only lasted about an hour.  I couldn't do anything with them on, including eat or take pictures, and I got hungry.

Ethan does the Roboboogie.
I look just like my floating skeleton!  It's like we're twins.

I actually made that floating skeleton out of homemade playdoh and cheesecloth, by the way.

We didn't know if anyone would dress up, so we encouraged them by having prizes for costumes.  And we got some takers!  I was pleased that people were creative.

Living dead girl.

A wrestler and a black angel.

Hockey player and redback spider.


I think the party went pretty well.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  And we got to share our homebrew!  I enjoyed sharing our traditions with our new friends.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great party - sorry we missed it! You and EAF are really innovative and creative.

Where is the picture of Fievel in costume? (You *did* include him in, didn't you?)


craftosaurus said...

Yay! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

Andrea said...

Yay for Halloween parties!

Anonymous said...

Must have been some party. Louise didn't update her FFB the next day.


crash6767 said...

wow how did you manage to make so many friends so quickly?

L said...

Mom, Fievel narrowly escaped being dressed up. We were still putting things out when our guests showed up, so Fievel did not get a costume. Much to his relief.

Dad, Louise had to go buy caterpillar killer the next day. And clean up, which was more work than it sounds.

crash, I've made a concerted effort to get out and make friends. I've also met a lot of fun people at my work. We have a lot of new employees as well, so we all tend to hang out together.

Anonymous said...

Who's the guy in the Colorado Avalanche hockey shirt?

Alpha Monkey said...

You guys really know how to throw a party! I love the "Jacko Lantern" :)

L said...

Anon, the Avalanche guy is my coworker's boyfriend Ryan. He's not an Avs fan; he just bought that jersey for roller hockey because he liked the logo.

Thanks, AlphaMonkey! The "Jacko Lantern" was a work of genius on Ethan's part. :)