Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fruits of Our Labour (see how I'm adding ubiquitous u's now?)

Last night, we tried the first StewBrew.  It was...weird.  A little light, a little over carbonated, and a slight bit cidery.  Not sour, but somehow, it reminded me of apples.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly the best beer ever.

Our next shot will be with a darker beer, which I think (hope) will turn out better. 


Anonymous said...

You're rapidly becoming Ozified!

We'll expect the dark brews to be perfected by the time we arrive. No plans yet - do you have a time frame to recommend?


Anonymous said...

did you get a beer brewing book? I told Linda that it was essential.

If you did you would find that cidery flavors come from using too much sugar, especially cane sugar. There is some mysterious reason the cane sugar beer is harder to actually digest as well.

Bad recipes are those that suggest raisons and sugar.

Uncle Carl