Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fish and Chips, Clothing Optional

My friend Erica got me these awesome walking tour cards for my birthday, so on Monday we decided to try them out. It was a really beautiful day, so I picked two cards that went to Watson’s Bay/South Head, which is the southernmost end of Sydney Harbour (but still a lot further north than where we live).

We rode our bikes to Bondi Junction, which was a lengthy ride, but a nice way to start off the day. Then we took the bus past Bondi Beach, which was packed for a Monday, and stopped at South Head cemetery for our first walk. The Cliff Walk took us up past the Macquarie Lighthouse, the site of Sydney’s worst shipwreck, and some beautiful cliffs famous as both a military defense point and a suicide location. Personally, I can think of a lot better ways to go than jumping off those cliffs, but if you’re desperate, you’re desperate, I guess.

We then proceeded on to another walking tour that took us through the cute (and pricey) town of Watson’s bay to Camp Cove Beach, then on past Lady Bay Beach (advertised as clothing optional, and it was!) and to South Head, where another lighthouse stood. Finally, we walked back the way we came to Watson’s Bay, where we had fish and chips at Doyle’s, a famous local establishment.

I regretted forgetting my camera – the views were spectacular and we saw some unusual things, including a submarine headed out of the harbor when we were on the bus headed back to Bondi Jct! But I think Mom and and Dad would really like it, so we’ll probably go back there when they come to visit. Without the bike ride, of course.


eaf said...

You forgot to tell them about all that ogling you did at the naked dudes.

L said...

I did not! They were old, anyway!