Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Capitol Trip

Part II of a two-part post about my trip to Canberra/Perisher Valley.

On our way to Perisher Valley to ski, my coworker had to work in Canberra. I had the day off, so I took the bus into town to check out some of the sights.Canberra is really pretty, although it has a bit of an odd feel because it’s a planned city. Since it’s so spread out, everything seems kind of empty. If you’ve ever read In A Sunburned Country (which I recommend), Bill Bryson’s description is pretty much spot on.

The carillion from across Lake Burley Griffin.

I spent most of the day at the art museum, which was really cool, even though I couldn’t take pictures inside. Outside, they had a really neat sculpture garden and I had free reign with the camera.

One of the sculptures (can’t remember the name).

This one was the fog “sculpture”. Of course it was my favorite, weather weenie that I am.

I also wandered around and looked at the Old Parliament building, but I did not go to the history museum inside.

The gardens had these funny pigeons in them. Their heads reminded me of those German helmets from WWI.

The new Parliament building has an unusual sculpture in the front. Sorry, Australia, but I like the U.S. capitol a lot better. I guess it’s what I’m used to.

I definitely would like to spend some more time in Canberra, because I was a little tired from the drive and therefore didn’t do as much as I would have liked. It’s an interesting city. I have to say that I think I like living in Sydney better, even though Canberra has mountains all around. So for me, it will be two years at the beach!

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