Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to the New Apartment

So, I finally have moved into my apartment. Right now I am sleeping on the floor on a borrowed mattress while I wait for the rest of my furniture to arrive. I thought you might appreciate some pictures, though.This is where it is located: Maroubra, about a 10 minute walk from the beach. It is also about ¾ mile from Maroubra Junction, where there is lots of shopping. It is about a half hour ride from work on the bus.View Larger Map

It is a two bedroom apartment, with built-in wardrobes (closets). A lot of places don’t have closets here, so I was fortunate to find this.

It also has an internal laundry (I had to buy the washing machine).

The kitchen is open, which is nice. It came with a gas stove and a dishwasher, but no fridge. I was shocked to find out that most rental places do not include fridges here. Lame, Sydney.

The living room is small but has laminate floors.

The bathroom has both a shower and a tub! Nice for Ethan, who likes to take baths, and for me, who likes to take showers. Plus, we have an additional toilet in the laundry room, which is really great.

One of the best things about this place is the courtyard. It has been recently retiled, so it’s really nice. It also came with a propane grill, which hooks up to a line on the wall. Score!

This place also has a lock up garage, which we probably won’t use since we don’t plan to get a car. We can store some stuff down there though, so that will be nice. All this for only* $500 per week!

Our new apartment seems pretty good. The neighborhood could be a little nicer, but it’s not awful. The good thing is that if we don’t like it, it’s pretty easy to break a lease here. So if we decide we absolutely have to move, we can.

I’m excited to have Ethan move in and check it out.

*”Only”, Sydney-style. Believe it or not, I was worried I would find a nice place for that price. The real estate market here is out of control.


Mom said...

Wow! That is really nice! Guess the first purchases were for the fridge microwave. Looks like there are several nearby parks.

Not far from Botany Bay either - how cool is *that*?

Alpha Monkey said...

It looks nice! I'm glad you were able to find such a great place.

L said...

Mom, Botany Bay is a little anticlimactic. Sydney Harbour is much nicer. You are right about the fridge and microwave, although the washing machine was not far behind the micro.

Alpha Monkey, it is pretty nice, although small. It will be fine for 2 years I think.

eaf said...

That actually looks a lot nicer than I thought it would. Pretty cool.

Lisa said...

Yea! I bet that's a relief to finally have a place, and it looks like a super nice place too! Thanks for posting, its great to see what you're experiencing!

L said...

EAF, I told you it was nice!

Thanks, Lisa! I'll keep posting pics. You too, I like keeping up with your adventures as well!

craftosaurus said...

No fridge, but comes with a propane grill. Nice! ;)

Seriously, it looks like a great place.