Sunday, April 11, 2010

Late breaking update

Well, long time, no write. I went on a business trip/vacation for two weeks, and have been pretty busy after I came back as well. My trip was fantastic. The conference I went to (for my fire weather stuff) was a lot of fun, and very educational as well. Then, I took a trip back to Virginia to visit my aunt and uncle and my grandparents and great aunt. It was really fun staying at my aunt and uncle's place, and the weather was gorgeous. It made me a little homesick, actually. And the visit with my grandparents was good -- although they are not doing spectacularly healthwise. I'm not surprised, since they are 90 years old, but it's still hard to see them deteriorate.

Here are a few pics from my trip:

This one was taken through the plane window on the way home, so that's why it's a little weird.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for other news -- big news! I am just waiting for more confirmation before I make it public knowledge. And with that, there are going to be changes to the blog. No worries, you won't need a password or anything, but I will be retooling it to go with our upcoming changes.

I'll write again soon!


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Beautiful pictures! And I think I know what the changes might be! ;)


sfw4514 said...

That's a great picture from the plane's window.


Carlw4514 said...

catching up here

"It was really fun staying at my aunt and uncle's place"

any lady likes to have her own boudoir! glad you enjoyed your visit.