Saturday, December 05, 2009

The last of the school updates?

My final presentation to my committee was yesterday, and it went very well! Although I technically haven't received a grade, my committee members were saying congratulations and asking me if I will attend the hooding ceremony in May. So I take that as a good sign. :)

I know it may seem like I got a little dramatic there, but I was definitely concerned about my graduation for a while. My advisor wasn't happy with my results. Comments like "how can you present these results if you don't understand the statistics?" were made. I do not know if I was placing too much importance on what he said, but it certainly scared me.

Anyway, it's pretty much all over now. I have a few edits to make before turning in the final copy of my paper, and then I'm totally, really actually done!

I will close with a promise and a question: 1) I promise to blog more soon, in particular about our fresh Thanksgiving turkey and 2) Would you still read this blog if I switched it over to livejournal? Would you bother signing in to read posts that I designate as "friends-only"? Okay, that's two questions. But I am still thinking about what I want from this blog, and that will help me decide.


crash6767 said...

because i'm already a livejournal user, yes. but if I wasn't, no, I would not set up an account just to read your private blog, no offense. I would recommend creating another blog that you only share the URL/username with those you wish to read it. getting people to read a blog is already pretty hard in the first place :) any additional steps would throw off all but the most interested in your life :)

L said...

Well, that's part of the issue. I don't really have a theme or anything special that I talk about, so I think the only people who read this are people who are interested in my personal life. I was thinking livejournal would allow people to filter my posts so they could more easily skip the ones that bore them.

A second option is to figure out a theme, something that people outside of my close friends might find interesting.

craftosaurus said...

I would read over at livejournal when I catch up over there in general... but when I do that, it's often in an overwhelmed, gah-I-can't-read-everything sort of way. So yes, I'd sign in, but I'd probably miss some posts. With your blog here, I'm more likely to see that you've posted via google reader.

Glad to hear your presentation went well! That's awesome!

mommysquared said...

congratulations! re: your blog Q., i don't have a livejournal account, but i read your blog mostly through google reader--it's the only way i can fit in time to read ANY blogs, not just yours. a Q for you: what would lj do for you that your current set-up doesn't do?

L said...

Well, lj would allow me to filter some posts, but not others. Here on blogger, it's either filter everything or nothing. For example, on lj I could write a post what Ethan's christmas present is, but make it so that he couldn't read it, and then post an open post about gardening.

But this seems a lot more useful to everyone via google reader. Maybe I just need to accept the fact that if I have a post that's not for everyone, it's not really worth posting.

Alpha Monkey said...

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! And yes, I would still read your blog on livejournal.