Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Revue!

So, my birthday turned out pretty good after all, even though I had to work. First of all, my fantasy football team managed to eke out a tie, even though they were 62 points down before the Colts game. Thank you Peyton Manning. Your thank you card should be arriving any day now.

Second, I got some really awesome gifts. Especially from my husband, who apparently knows me really well. Who'da thunk? He got me two books -- one on sustainable urban living, and one on sustainable/organic gardening. They are both pretty cool. I currently have an organic gardening book, but it's mostly about plants and pest remedies. The new one is about garden planning and techniques, with specific chapters on which plants grow together as "helper" plants, etc. It talks about making a wetland in your garden to process your graywater, and growing fruit trees on wires to maximize production in a small space. One of my favorite parts just shows the garden designs. I have been wondering how to have a productive garden without making it look like a farm. This shows you how to make an attractive and productive garden.

Enough about the book. Ethan also got me Season 1 of The Flight of the Conchords, which is a really funny show about a Kiwi band who comes to New York to get their start. If you want to see a weird but (in our opinion) funny movie that is very similar and stars one of the same actors, watch Eagle vs. Shark. We both have a peculiar sense of humor and this show just really hits it. So I'm excited to watch it with him.

The only bad thing about these presents is that right now, I need to be reading books for class. So I will have to wait until I get my freaking paper done to delve into them. But I am already excited for next year.

Yay for good birthdays!


Alpha Monkey said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday! The book about organic gardening sounds interesting. Would you mind sharing the title of it?

L said...

No problem...I just have to look it up! :) I'll post the titles of both books soon.