Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Baddog Goes Hiking

Well, I'm doing great on that resolution to post more. It's been a week since the last post, which was lame. Oh well, you'll like this one.

Fievel went hiking with us several weeks ago. Once we ran into several dogs, he got very agitated, and we got very annoyed. So, we stuffed him in Ethan's backpack.

Surprisingly, he shut up and behaved right away. I don't know if he knew he was in trouble, or if he liked being up high, or if he felt safe, or if he was scared. I don't actually think he was scared, because mostly his ears were up and he wasn't whimpering or shaking. It was actually very cute.

In other news, we have finally decided what "big thing" to get for our 3rd anniversary. Drumroll please..... a flat screen monitor! Okay, yeah, I know it's not that exciting, especially compared to a canoe or kayak or a dual charcoal/propane grill. But, it is practical and we are nothing if not practical. This will help us save electricity, and Ethan will really love it for his computer games. And the other things, well we were just hesitant to buy them when we don't know where we'll be next year -- in a house in Alaska, or in a house somewhere else.


Vanessa said...

what a cute picture! it reminded me of our dog, george. he used to enjoy "walking" billy to school...perched in mom's backpack!

L said...

Aww! I had no idea George would ride in your mom's backpack!

I liked George. I was sad when he died. :(

craftosaurus said...

Such a cute photo! :)

baasheep said...

Oh the cuteness!

Farmer Jo said...

Love the picture! I wish my pug fit in a backpack. He is also a PITA on the trail.