Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New President! Everybody Wins!

Well, the person I voted for won! I'm very happy and excited. But also, nervous. Obama has a lot of room for failure. I'm worried that people are all caught up in the glamor and are expecting him to come in and fix everything. And he won't because 1) he can't, 2) there is a system of checks and balances to prevent him from making drastic changes that only agree with one sector of the population and 3) the Democrats don't get it right all the time either. Overall though, I feel like he represents the values I'd like to see our country moving toward: better environmental/energy policies, lessening the gap between the rich and the poor, protecting our human rights, not starting wars for the sake of starting wars, etc.

That being said, I do feel sorry for McCain, because I always feel sorry for the person who's not elected. I guess it's empathy -- if I were running for President and I didn't get elected, I would totally cry. I mean, these guys are watching their dream slip away. But that's not a reason to vote for anyone. And now McCain gets to go sip margaritas on his front porch while Obama is stuck running our messed up country. So maybe McCain is the real winner after all.

Anyway, yay Obama! We voted for you; now don't screw this up.


Alpha Monkey said...

I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

heya there,

I was in Tokyo watching the election. What a moment! I see that it's not only Americana's sake but also the whole world's business. Through last 8 years of US lead by the least intellectuals had created quite a chaos over the planet by making unethical, dehumanized decisions.
Majority of human population agreed on same desire of change on things that has been ruling and failing. for a right leader who truly cares of his nation and the place where they live and from, The beautiful mother Earth.

cheers and peace.

ks from a Vancouver encounter

L said...

ks! I'm glad you stopped by -- I've been thinking about you and wondering if you would read my blog.

Hope you continue to keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

sure sure, Madam.

if you have a facebook you can also add me