Sunday, November 02, 2008

Insert Halloween joke here

I'm not doing NaBloPoMo (or whatever the hell it is) but I thought I would blog about Halloween because it was fun and because I don't want to do homework.

I got a whopping zero trick-or-treaters again this year, so I have lots of candy left over. I don't think I've ever had more than 3 trick-or-treaters. One year I asked SIL to bring the kids by, but then they all came and sat in my living room and I didn't really know what to do. We don't have small children over very often (read: ever) so I was not prepared. Anyway, that's why I picked 3 Musketeers, because I knew I would have a lot left and it's the one time I allow myself to eat the candy in the house. 3 Musketeers is my favorite.

I did go to a party, which was fun. It was a "Rejected Super Heroes" party, so I went as Saran Man. The only thing he clings to is himself. Someone pointed out that I was actually Saran Woman, but that didn't sound as good, and anyway Saran Man had the initial S & M. We also had The Cuddler and his arch-nemesis, The Heptophobe (that's someone who doesn't like to be touched). One girl came as Wander Woman -- she had a suitcase and slippers and was always lost. But the best costume was Captain Plan-It. He had an arm band with a Sharpie, a Blackberry on his super belt, and a calendar which he used as the "Shield of Organization". It was awesome. My favorite was that he had written things like "Battle Evil, 9 am" on the Shield of Organization.

I also carved a pumpkin, which I will photo and post for you here. I didn't have a picture of it earlier because the batteries were depleted in my camera after it mysteriously got put away turned on. I blame Gray. She is always using my camera without permission!

So, uh, that's it. Now I'm looking forward to the next big date -- voting day! Woo hoo, new President! Let's hope this one doesn't suck.

Edited to add: I guess it is NaBloPoMo. I thought I was making that shit up.

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Alpha Monkey said...

That's a great idea for a Halloween party! One of my friends dressed as a beer pong table. He got pelted with a lot of ping pong balls.