Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Let's see:

-- Been hiking a lot, with pictures (later)
-- Acquired some new old tables to create a mosaic coffee table with
-- Discovered that I don't like the paint of said tables and must now strip and refinish them
-- Discovered that stripping and refinishing will be an involved process that I'm not looking forward to
-- Friend H. came from Fairbanks for a short visit, with hiking
-- Spent $52 on 3/4 tank of gas
-- Therefore, resolved to bike more and actually use the bus
-- Am wearing myself out biking, and developing enormous quads in the process
-- Tried to sell 5 items on eBay, sold 1
-- Work friend L. got a job in Boulder, which is sad to see her go, but an awesome opportunity for her
-- As a result, I picked up the Fire Weather program manager duty, and passed off the AWIPS (Linux based weather computers we use) duty, which really wasn't working out

Um, so that's it. I'm pretty excited about the Fire Weather thing, especially since I'm going to get the chance to be an IMET (Incident Meteorologist). IMETs are sent to be weather forecasters on location for fires, oil spills, hazardous waste spills, etc. The big one, of course, is the fires. It does mean that I might have to go support a fire on a moment's notice. But that is okay, because I will be right there, interacting with the customers. I find that sort of thing very rewarding. Anyway, hopefully I will get all spun up this year so that by next fire season, I'll be sent out on my own.


Alpha Monkey said...

Oooh, the Incident Meteorologist job sounds exciting! Will you be sent to places like CA to deal with forest fires, or is it more local? Are there a lot of fires/spills in your area? Good luck in your new role!

L said...

Well, in theory I could be sent to California, although my boss doesn't have a history of sending people to the Lower 48. We do have fires up here -- some seasons are really bad, other years (like this year) are fairly quiet. So I stand a good chance of getting sent out on a job.

Thanks for the well-wishes! I hope it goes well!

Vanessa said...

i'm always so impressed with your lists! they make me feel like i should be doing more -- i did finally get my bike fixed, so that's something. regarding stripping the furniture -- whatever you do, don't use the all-natural stuff -- good idea in theory, lousy in practice (did you notice my closet door??). and lots of luck with your new job!!!

L said...

Hmm, I wish I'd your comment before I bought the CitriStrip. I have to agree, I'm not so thrilled.